The Holocaust, or Shoah, was the most systematic genocide the world has ever known. The large, flourishing Jewish communities of Europe were decimated, as the Nazi murderers charged through the continent.

The events of the Holocaust must never be allowed to be forgotten. As the son of a survivor of the horror, I believe that this is one of the moral imperatives of the 21st century. This site contains two accounts of the experiences of the Rózsa/Klein family of Bratislava, Slovakia: the memoirs of my grandmother, Barbara (Borka) Rózsa/Klein/Klima, who was on the run and in hiding, and lost almost her entire family, and the memoirs of my mother, Eva Klein/Klima/Falk, who was taken to the Theresienstadt concentration camp as a young child. They both wrote these memoirs in their own words and each from her own perspective. My grandmother, who was an adult at the time, remembered more details, and her memoirs are much more extensive than my mother's.

Yad VaShem maintains a database of Holocaust victims, accessible on-line. The following members of my family are included:

It is my hope that everyone will read these memoirs, as well as the testimony of other survivors, and the entries in Yad VaShem's database. To remember and not to forget. Lizkor ve lo lishkoach.

Yehuda N. Falk
Jerusalem, Israel
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